President                                               Chris Eley


                                Vice President                                      Eric Pratt 

                                Chairman                                               Graham Cutler

                                Secretary                                               Robert Buckland

                                Fixture Secretary                                 Pete Carr

                                Treasurer                                               Ivan Knapp


                                Trustees                                                 M Pickett & M Lentschner 


     The Treasurer will be in attendance prior to the Delegate Meetings

    to collect match fees


    August 1st

    October 3rd

    December 5th


    February 6th

    April 2nd (8.00 p.m.)

    June 5th


    The Delegates meetings will be held at the

    Swindon Gas Club and start at 8.15 p.m.

    The Annual General Meeting will commence at

    8.00 p.m. (2 Delegates per Team)

    Lester Edward Piggot Memorial Singles Cup

    April 10th 2020 – Swindon Gas Club

    8.00 pm Start

    Delegates Cup

    April 2nd 2020 – Swindon Gas Club

    (After Delegate Meeting)