1.       The League shall be known as the Swindon and District Friday Skittles League. The headquarters of which shall be the Swindon Gas Club.


    2.       The league shall annually elect the following Officers, Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Treasurer and two Trustees. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election without nomination. All other candidates for these positions must be proposed and seconded in writing by member teams, with the proposed nominee’s written agreement. Nominations must reach the League Secretary no later than the June delegates meeting.


    3.       A committee of representatives shall govern the League, one from each team and the League officers. The committee shall have the power to form a sub-committee. The committee shall meet on the first Thursday of August, October, December, February, April and June (A.G.M.). Ten members to form a quorum. The meeting to start at 8.15pm, the Treasurer will be available from 8 p.m. to collect league fees.


    4.      Any team whose representative misses a meeting will be fined £5.00.


    5.      The Annual General Meeting will be deemed as the June meeting and start at 8.00 pm, any team whose representative is absent from the AGM will be fined £5.00.


    6.       At a delegates meeting, special meeting or AGM each League Officer, except the Chairman, and one representative from each League team will be allowed one vote. A proposed rule change or motion will be passed if a majority of the votes cast are in favour. In the event of a tie the chairman will have the casting vote.


    7.       The committee of representatives will invite two people to stand as President and Vice President.


    8.      All applications to join the league must be made to the League Secretary before the AGM stating their nominated playing alley. A representative from the new team must attend the AGM and if accepted a fee of £25 must be paid towards their league fees as a gesture of their good intentions to proceed in the league. This deposit is non-refundable if the team does not take its place in the league. Any new alley will be inspected by at least two league representatives to confirm that the playing conditions are suitable.


    9.      The playing fees including league entrance, league fees, cup fees, fixture books etc. will be fixed at the AGM. All fees must be paid no later than the December delegate meeting. Failure to comply, defaulting teams will be fined a sum of £10.


    10. A financial statement will be presented at the AGM.


    11.  League Officials honorariums will be decided at the AGM. They will also be entitled to claim reasonable expenses.


    12.Teams shall consist of 12 players of at least 14 years of age who will bowl 9 balls each. A minimum of 10 players per team must play to constitute a game. All players are registered as they play their first game and cannot play for any other team without an agreed transfer.


    13. Applications for a transfer must be made in writing to the League Fixture Secretary, signed by both teams and the player concerned. Transfers are at the discretion of the League Officials. No transfer will be allowed after the 31st December of the current season. For the purpose of averages a transferred player's scores will stand to his credit.


    14.   All league games must be played by the last league fixture of the season. Any defaulting teams will be fined £20 and deducted 14 points.


    15.   Unless otherwise agreed, all matches will start no later than 8.30 pm. Reported defaulting teams will be dealt with at the delegate meeting and may be fined a sum of not more than £5.


    16.   Protests must be in writing and received by the league secretary not later than 7 days after the date of the match. Any team intending to make a protest must notify their opponents before leaving the alley.


    17.   Results of all matches must be sent in by the home team, on the official score card, to reach the fixture secretary not later than the Tuesday (12 noon) after the match has been played. Defaulting teams will be fined £1 for each of the first three late results and £5 per late result thereafter in any one season.



    18.   Teams wishing to postpone a match must inform their opponents and the Fixture Secretary at least 48 hours before the match is due to be played. The Fixture Secretary must be informed in writing with the reasons for the cancellation. If a match is postponed less than 48 hours before the scheduled date, or not played on the scheduled date, the committee have the power to fine the guilty team £10. No team shall postpone a match to play in a competition not organised by the league.


    In the event of a match being postponed it will be played two fixture weeks after the original date, unless otherwise agreed by the Fixture Secretary. If this results in a ‘Double Header’ then the re-arranged game must start by 7.30 PM and the scheduled game will follow, both games will be completed without an interval.                                                                                                               

    It is the duty of the team cancelling the match to inform all other teams involved in the change of starting times not later than 7 days before the date of the match, failure to do so will result in a fine of £5. Failure to comply with this rule could result in expulsion from the League


    19.   The home team shall supply the Referee and Stickers up. The away team shall supply the Linesman. The Referee will be in charge of the diamond and the Linesman in charge of the bowling line and sidelines. In no circumstances will one over rule the other; their decisions are final.


    20.   If a pin falls on its belly and regains an upright position, it will be removed and count in the players score.


    21.   If the ball or whole of a pin rolls off the diamond (the white line is deemed to be outside the diamond), it will be a dead ball or pin and any subsequent pins it may knock down will be re-spotted.


    22.   If a pin is moved from its spot and does not fall it will not be replaced until the remaining balls have been bowled, unless the pin is deemed to be outside the diamond. In this case it will be removed and count towards the players score.


    23.   When bowling the player must be behind the bowling line and the ball must strike the alley the bowler’s side of the bowling line and inside the sidelines. No part of the player must be grounded on or outside the sidelines at the time the ball leaves the hand or it will be a no ball.


    24.   In the event of a no ball any pins struck will NOT be re-spotted and will NOT count in the players score. The player will be allowed to bowl any remaining balls if any pins remain standing. If a spare is achieved, only pins struck by legitimate ball will be re-spotted.

    25.   In League and Cup matches any team playing an illegal player will forfeit the match and all points gained. In a League match the score and points will be recalculated accordingly. The committee shall decide if any further action shall be taken against the offending team.


    26.   Each team must notify the Fixture Secretary, not later than the 1st May each year of its intention to continue in the League the next season along with a £25 non-refundable deposit towards the following season’s fees, a further £25 to be paid at the August meeting. Failure to do so will result in a £2 fine. No team will be allowed to enter the league after the AGM except at the discretion of the League Officials. Team secretaries must notify any changes of telephone numbers or addresses, which occur during the season.


    27.   Prize money for the Section winners & runners-up shall be equally divided between all sections and along with prize money for all the cups and shall be decided at the AGM.


    28.   No team will be allowed to play in the League if they have monies outstanding after the 1st June each year.  For this rule the AGM will be deemed the start of the new season.


    29.   Promotion & relegation will be announced at the AGM. And are normally two up & two down. Depending on the number of teams participating in the league at the time of the AGM third & fourth placed teams may also be involved.


    30.   In the League games 2 pts will be awarded to the winner of each horse (or shared if drawn). The team having the highest score at the end of the match to receive a further 6 points (or shared if drawn). This rule does not apply to cup matches.


    31.   Any alterations to these rules can be made only at the AGM. Any team wishing to propose alterations or additions to these rules shall put such amendments in writing to the League Secretary not less than 21 days before the AGM or any special meeting proposed and seconded by member teams or the League Officers.


    32.   In promotion and relegation if two teams finish with the same number of points the team having won the most games will be the team to finish in the higher position. A win is the team that achieves the highest number of points in a game i.e. 12-2, 10-4, 8-6 etc. a draw is when the total pins are level. If teams have the same number of points and wins then a play-off game will be arranged on a neutral alley. The format will be the same as for a league game but only total pins scored counting. In the event of a tie, each player will bowl one ball each in the same order as bowled previously until a result is achieved." In a play-off game all players must have played in a league game in the current season.


    33.   The alley should have reasonable playing conditions, including length and width, with the diamond being distinct and the pin spots clearly marked. The League Officers will decide what is considered to be reasonable if any dispute arises.   


    As a guideline: -

          A the length of the alley from bowling line to front pin should be 27ft

         B  the width of the alley measured from inside of the sidelines should

              be not less than 5ft 3ins and not more than 5ft 6ins.

          C the distance from the centre of the back pin to the centre of the front pin should be 4ft.

    D the sidelines or boards should extend the full length of the alley including the players delivery area.

          E  all lines should be not less than 1in or not more than 11/2 INS wide.


    34.  PINS:   The pins shall be 10 ins high & the diameter shall be not more than 4½ ins and not less than 41/4 ins at the widest part.

     BALL:   The diameter of the balls shall be not more than 4½ ins and not less than

                41/4 ins. All balls to be of a suitable rubber composition and be kept in a clean condition.


    35. Any team or player wishing to appeal against a decision made by the League Committee must do so in writing to the League Secretary within 7 days from the ruling date with a £5 deposit. The deposit will be forfeited if the appeal is lost. In the event of an appeal, the decision made at the meeting will be final.


    36.  All teams to be responsible for keeping individual tea members scores for all league games. At the end of the league programme, submit the highest Individual ‘qualifying’ away average along with any Individual score which may qualify for the ‘Highest Score’ prize for that season to the Fixture Secretary for cross scrutiny.




























    1.        All trophies must be returned in a clean condition by the April delegates meeting or within 14 days if requested by the League Secretary. Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine on each count.


    2.   The cup competitions will be played on a knock out basis and shall be known as:

              All Pins Cup

              Nomination Cup

              Consolation Cup

              Nomination Consolation Cup


    3.   Selection of alleys for Cup semi-finals & finals shall where possible be in alphabetical order and be named at the first delegate meeting. In the event of an objection being upheld, the next alley in order will be used. In the event of a team having a home draw in a cup semi-final or final, the Fixture Secretary will move the venue to the next available neutral alley.


          The teams hosting semi-finals or finals will be responsible for supplying responsible officials and stickers up. They will also be responsible for completing and returning a score sheet. Any host team failing to carry out these duties will be excluded from taking part in all cup competitions in the following season.


    4.   League rules will apply where appropriate, but only the total pins score will count, the team scoring the most pins will be the winner. In the event of a tie, each player who played in the match will bowl one extra ball in the same order as they bowled previously until a result is achieved. This includes the semi-final and final.


    5.         In cup matches any team playing an illegal player will forfeit the match and the committee may fine the guilty team up to £10. Players playing in semi-finals or finals must have played in a league or cup match earlier in the season.


    6.        In cup games where two matches are to be played on the same alley on the same night, the first drawn game must start by 7.30 PM. Defaulting teams will be fined £10. The second game to start immediately after the first has finished. Should the All Pins & Consolation cups or the Nomination & Nomination Consolation cups be drawn on the same alley then the Consolation cup game must start no later than 7.30 pm and the All Pins or Nomination cup game to start immediately afterwards. Both matches to be completed without an interval. Home secretaries must confirm with away secretaries. It is the responsibility of all four secretaries who must agree, if they want to swap their early or late start. The Fixture Secretary must be informed. Defaulting teams will be fined £10.


    7.        Any cup match postponed must be played at least 7 days before the next round. Defaulting teams shall forfeit the match. Semi Finals and Finals must be played on or before the dates specified (These dates are known at the start of the league season). If a team cancels for any reason then their opponents will be declared the winners and no prize money will be paid to the defaulting team.


    8.        In the Nomination cup games all pins must be nominated by their correct name: -

          Names:          1. Front Pin.                                     6. Right Hand Back Quarter.

                                 2. Right Hand Front Quarter           7. Left Hand Back Quarter

                                 3. Outside Right                               8. Back Pin

                                 4. Left Hand Front Quarter             9. Outside Left

                                 5. Centre or Middle Pin


          The player may nominate ANY pin as his first objective. If the nominated pin is not the first pin struck by the ball or does not fall, all fallen pins will be removed from the diamond and will not count in the players score. Should the ball hit any other pin before the nominated pin and the nominated pin fall, it will be removed from the diamond and not count in the players score.


          Failure to nominate or incorrect nomination will be classed as a no ball and any pins that fall will be removed from the diamond and not count in the players score. If a no ball is called for any other reason, then any pins that fall will be removed from the diamond and not count in the players score. The player will lose any remaining balls if all pins have been removed from the diamond due to circumstances listed above. If a player achieves a spare then only the legal pins will be re-spotted. It is the referee who is responsible for calling no or incorrect nomination and it is the player’s responsibility to ensure the referee hears his nomination.


    9.        The Consolation cups are for teams who have been defeated in the first two rounds of the All Pins or Nomination cups.





    10.   The Delegates Cup is only for team delegates who are registered and the League Officers. Delegates must have attended at least 4 meetings in that season. It will be played on the League Headquarters alley after a delegate meeting. The League Officers based on the number of delegates taking part will decide the format. In the event of a tie each player will bowl three extra balls in the order they bowled previously until a result is achieved.


    11.   The Individual Singles competition will be played on a basis decided by the League Officers. Each member team may send one representative along with the previous year’s winner and runner up. In the event of a tie each player will bowl three extra balls in the order they bowled previously until a result is achieved. League rules where appropriate will apply. The winner will receive the Lester Edward Piggott Cup and the runner up will receive the Colin Chadwick Cup.


    12.   The League Away Average Cup will be presented to the player who plays in 75% of his team’s away matches and achieves the highest away average of all teams. There will also be an Away Average Cup for each section winner.


    13.   The Top Score Cup will be awarded to the player who obtains the highest score number of pins in a single league match, providing that has played in at least 50% of his team games.


    N.B.   The League Officers and/or the committee will deal with any disputes not covered in these rules.


    Last reviewed June 2017